Import Outlook color categories?

We are looking for a replacement for the extraordinarily tough to use Outlook 2013. Color categories is a must for our director. I’ve downloaded eMClient and it looks good, however, when importing Outlook/IMAP email the categories are lost. Is there a way to import those?  Where are they stored in the eMClient system? I don’t see anything in the message itself.

Hello Mark,
I’m sorry, but even if you can set color categories in eM Client, there is no way to import them from Outlook.

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I’m having the same need as I do a huge usage of contact categories. Is this feature still missing in 2017?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’m looking for this feature too, as my calendar events in Outlook are organised by category and colour.

Follow-up… Really, no answer?

Thanks in advance for any help!