Import Outlook 2002 Inbox messages not showing up.

When trying to import Outlook 2002 Inbox .pst files, emclient says it is importing and shows that it finished, but then nothing shows in emclient after. Contacts show up but no inbox messages transfered.

Hi, can you try to drag and drop them from outlook to another folder and then from that folder to eM Client’s calendar?
This will tell me where lies core of the issue.


Hello, me too. It doesn’t display the messages. I am importing from Windows Live Email an OUTLOOK.COM account. I get the following error If I configure the airsync option:  "[AirSync] An atemp to connect to ‘youraccount’ account failed. This could be cuased by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. But the settings are right.  Now, if I doesn’t use the ‘AirSync’ config, I do not get any error message, nor the emails.


Hello Patkei,
your issue is of a completely different nature.

AirSync is a mail protocol that has been discontinued by Microsoft. All hotmail and adresses are being migrated to Exchnage protocol.
You will need to remove your account from eM Client and then either set ip up as Exchange or IMAP (if your particular account hasnt been migrated yet).

If you just installed version 7 the Automatic setup should work for you now. If it doesn’t, you will need to setup the account manually.
To set up your account manually go to Tools>Accounts > New Account and instead of Automatic setup choose Mail>Exchange or Mail>Other.
For IMAP settings your incoming server is and outgoing is


Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your message. I was looking online, and realized that it didn’t work because I had ‘imported’ the emails and account from windows email client. So, the issue was solved when I erased those accounts and set it all up manually.