Import options very limited

HI - I have just downloaded and was thoroughly looking forward to the option of importing over all my accounts form Windows Mail (i have 24 of them) but the only options are outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, the bat and em client 6

Please note i have never used em client 6

There is no option for the bog-standard windows mail, but this does seem to be listed as an option in FAQs regarding importing…is there something i can do to resolve this before setting up each account individually?

I don’t think any application can import directly from Windows Mail, as that was purposely disabled by Microsoft. It’s predecessor, Windows Live Mail allowed an import into eM Client though.

One solution is to sync Windows Mail with your email provider. That way the messages, contacts and calendar events are synced online, and any email client that you add the same email account to, will have the same data.

Another option may be the one mentioned in this post. It is about Outlook, but near the end they give a solution for the same thing in eM Client.