Import Mail From Other Device

Moved to another device with a different set of stored email messages for the same accounts. These were just imported from WLM, which wasn’t updated for a while.
Setup EM Client on the target device, and all the inbox messages for the accounts came in nicely from the cloud.
Have a zipped D/B file of backed up EM Client messages from the device just used- this includes the storage folders, the names of which correspond to the existing ones on this device.
It seems from threads like this that restoring from the zip will nuke all existing items on the target device. Wondering if there will be a restore/merge feature based on email title only (diffing the content is also possible, but not high priority.)
Goes something like: If the name of a target item matches the name on the source item, either leave/replace/prompt for each item. New source items will be copied over, and existing target items will be left/deleted/prompt.

What you could do is restore the backup, then import from WLM again.

Would importing from WLM after the restore overwrite the existing messages, or just copy the extra messages in? Correct in saying Import creates new folders under a parent Import folder in the LH tree? Then mass moving messages from each folder into existing causes a prompt if message name is the same?

Import adds the imported data to what is already there.

You can choose the destination for the import, so select a separate (new) folder, and then after the import you can combine the messages with your existing IMAP folder, or keep them separate as you wish.

Thanks Gary, a much better idea. :smiley:
Tried that, however, messages with the same title (and content) are kept separate (mostly in combined form) if they have a different date/time stamp. This duplication blows out the D/B considerably, so it is now more specifically a wish for the option of the email copy process to ignore time difference in source/target emails.
Possible down the track?

I am assuming then that the messages from WLM are duplicated on the server. If so, then there is no need to import them.

@Gary, if it were ever that simple. Some are dup’d, some are not.