Import has matched e-mail header with the wrong body

I used the ‘import’ feature to import my mail from Windows Live mail, into local folders managed by emClient.

Many of the e-mails now stored in emClient have got the body content of a different e-mail (the header doesn’t match the body) or it is just corrupt.

Please can you tell me how this has happened and what I can do about it?


Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using (Help > About)?
Can you make a screenshot of such corrupt message?

Thank you,

Hi - it’s 6.0.20899.0

I’ve attached a screen shot. In this one there is corruption and fragments of text that do not relate to the header. (The blue boxes are me obscuring my personal data). On others there is no corruption, but the header and content do not match.

Hi again, can you please send me couple of these corrupt or mismatched messages exported to .eml file to my email
To export the message, please either drag and drop the messages onto a new message, or right click the message and select Forward > As attachment.

Also please include a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
I have pm’d you.

In copying the e-mails to attach in a new e-mail to you, strange things happened. First of all the corrupted data all disappeared. Secondly, in some cases the e-mail was suddenly displayed properly, in some cases the header and body are mismatched,and in other cases no body message is displayed.

Also, in the thread title I said ‘during import’ but actually this occurs if I move e-mails from imap storage to local storage.

Thanks for your help