Import from Outlook 2013 not importing tasks or folders

We have a computer running windows 7 pro.  On it is an Outlook 2013 account configured for IMAP, that is used extensively with 1 email account, many tasks, and multiple IMAP folders.  When we switched the computer to EM Client we expected to see the tasks and folders transfer over.  But what we got was several old tasks in the tab “Agendas” and no tasks under tasks.  None of the OST folders seemed to pull over either.

So questions are as follows:

  1.  What is our option for pulling in the tasks (is it as simple as export from outlook, import to em client)?

  2.  Are we better off deleting the account we imported, and instead just adding the account and letting the IMAP settings pull in the folders?

  3.  Unrelated - Are we able to configure the main window so that tasks are visible at the same time as the inbox?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Hey Justin,

  1. To pull in the tasks, export your tasks to a .cvs file in Outlook and convert it to an .ics file using a 3rd party converter - you can then import the .ics file in eM Client.

  2. Yes, deleting your account and setting it up again using IMAP is probably the fastest way to do this, however if you had any local folders, those will not be carried over.

  3. Grab the top of the Tasks tab and simply drag upwards to expand it, you can then see Tasks as well as your inbox.