Import from or even better sync with Windows Contacts possible?

Is there any possibility to import or even better to sync contacts from/with Windows Contacts (those files like I tried but failed so far…


are those contacts in vcf. or .csv format?


I see them as .contact in my system … not sure whether it translates this way in English (I’m running Windows 8 in German): Those are the contacts which are stored under Windows Contacts in your user specifc directory (same directory level as e.g. “My Documents”. I use them because it’s the only way that an iphone is syncing contacts to Windows…

iPhone can sync contacts over email account too, using your Itunes (iCloud) account.

anyway these types of contact files are not supported.


These are actually Windows Mail (WinMail) contact files.

There is an option to import contacts from Windows Mail on the File menu, but it fails as you need WinMail installed on the PC

Win 8.x does not allow the installation of Windows Mail. which is the reason I am migrating to EM Client.

Are you getting the drift now?

I dragged and dropped my emails (*.eml) into the folder I made and synced with Gmail. It was great.

Surely dragging and dropping the “.contact” files onto the EM Client contacts list should be that simple rather than having to have Windows Mail installed?

As for the .contact files I exported them within Windows to .vcf and imported to EM Client. Not being able to sync them, what I hoped for, but I get them available at least…

There is a simple solution that fulfills my suggestion without resorting to a paid converter that works a treat.

  1. Copy ‘.contact’ files to your user contact folder (if not there already) [C:\Users’your username’\Contacts].

  2. Select contacts to convert.

  3. Select ‘Export’ from menu.

  4. Choose CSV or VCF (recommended)

  5. Select target (save) folder.

  6. Open target (save) folder.

  7. If CSV use file import to add to Contacts in EM Client

If VCF simply drag and drop contacts into target email folder in EM Client

I am sorry that I was unable to attend sooner - we are having quite alot of work before 6th version release on it, so I am glad that you could find solution on this and that you have shared it with other users.

with regards