Import from EmClient? .dat files

Hello, I exported my email from mu eM client account in my old computer and I want now to import everything on my new laptop.
When I select “import” it says that you can import from every client EXCEPT em client! How can i do?
My files of bakup end with .dat
thank you

Hi Silvia,
if you backed up your eM Client using our backup function, just load your zip file with this backup in your ‘…/Documents/eM Client’ folder and inside eM Client use the File>Restore option.


I have the same issue EXCEPT i do not see a zip file. I simply see the Mail_data.dat files along with the whole group… how do I get them restored?

Hi Tim,
sounds like you did not make a back up (which creates the ZIP file and makes it safer to move your data) but copied your whole database. You can just copy these/replace your current database with them.
Find the location of your database folder in Tools>Settings>General>Storage section.