Import folders from Yahoo?

I am currently using BT email, which is a Yahoo account.  Can I import the folders from this email account into eM Client? 

If so, how do I do this?

If not, is there a workaround?  (e.g. going via gmail or Outlook)?

Thanks for any responses.

That really depends on where the folders are. If you login to your Yahoo! account using the web interface, and you can see the folders, then adding that account in eM Client will automatically sync those folders to the application.

If you can’t see the folders in the web interface, but you have them in your previous email client, then you will need to import those into eM Client. To do that go to Menu > File > Import, and select the option for your email client.

If neither is a solution for you, please let me know and we can look at other options.

Thank you, I’ll try these out tomorrow. I’ll post again with details if neither work .

I’m very impressed with the very quick response to my query, thank you again.