Import email from Windows Mail

I have just upgraded to windows 10.

Using file import I get a message that Windows mail is not installed on my PC.

I can easily point em client at the message store from my windows 7 installation yet import does not allow me to proceed.

Any thoughts on how to make this work?



Hi Hugh,
‘Windows mail’ is supported only up to Windows 7, so it probably cant be present on your windows 10.
Maybe try importing from Windows Live Mail? (which replaced windows mail in later versions of Windows).


The solution was relatively easy.

From within eM Client, File > Import > i__mport from folder with .eml files

For Windows Mail, the store folder is :- C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail (AppData is a hidden file, so just type it into the Windows explorer address bar and hit enter) you will then see the rest of the files to click on.

Once you have found your folder you need to copy the folder address into the eM Client window so that it can find it.

There is a box " include sub folders" that you need to tick.

Also need to tell eM Client where to store the new mail folder - anywhere you like will work.

Click finish, sit back and wait while the software does it’s magic.

I had 16 years worth of email which included some lost stuff when Outlook Express crashed many years ago. Took more than 12 hours to bring in about 14,000 emails.

The file structure was kind of still intact, I think that earlier crashes in Outlook Express had made the whole thing confused.

An hour or so of re-organising and I have much more than I expected - a complete email record.

Look and feel is pretty similar to Windows Mail, with a couple of extras.

Found you cannot search with part of an email address like I could previously, but heyho, its a reasonable option.

Just need to see if it’s worth the cost now ( I have two PC’s at home and 4 email addresses), so there is a requirement to purchase two pro licenses which appears to be more than £100 for the lifetime upgrade option. :frowning:

Hi Hugh,
thank you for sharing this workaround, glad you were able to retrieve your files.
I’ll try to bring up the issue with the developers and see if we can locate the Windows Mail folders somehow even if the application itself is not installed anymore.
Hope eM Client will meet all your needs, if you experience any problems don’t hesitate to consult on the forum again. (or if you decide to purchase a PRO license, our PRO support will gladly assist you swiftly).


Hi Olivia,

If you read my post again, you will see that I have shown exactly how to find the Windows Mail store folder.

There is nothing else to know, I have given you the answer.



Hi Hugh

The Windows Mail store may not always be in that location - many users change the location, eg to a different disk drive.  Olivier probably meant that the developers would look at getting EM client to automatically locate the store.



Hi Hugh,
I just meant that we’d look if the process could be somehow changed so the Import would try to look for the folder automatically.