import eM emails from old hard drive to new computer with eM client

old computer crashed, recovered data, how do I import the eM emails to the new computer, the import_, function does not include eM client emails.  eM client has been running on the new computer for three months, so need to import, not replace emails.  _

Hi, if you have backup you can navigate to your old local folder > App Data > Roaming, and copy the old eM Client roaming folder into your new roaming folder on your new computer.
But you have to rename the current eM Client folder to something like “eM Client - backup”, when you eventually move the old eM Client folder into your current Roaming folder, eM Client will open with your old database allowing you to export all your old emails into .eml files using the export feature.

You can than either rename the current database folder (the old one) to backup, and rename the new one from - backup, back to “eM Client” and import all the exported emails.

Hope this doesn’t sound to complicated.

Let me know if you need any further assistance, thank you,

I have changed my computer and installed a new em Client on it
how can I import emails on new em client on new computer??


Best way is to backup (Menu > Backup) on the old computer, copy the zip file to the new computer and restore (Menu > File > Restore). That way all your data, settings, templates, Rules etc. are copied across.