"Import contacts from LinkedIn"

Title speaks for itself - I love the Facebook import but clearly LinkedIn is the choice for professional networking… this is the last thing eM needs to become the greatest client ever. :):slight_smile:

I agree. In fact, it’s the one reason I’m going with Postbox instead of eM Client.

Feel free to put me on a mail list if this functionality is ever added to eM Client and I’ll re-evaluate.

Absolutely! eM Client is pretty much headed in the direction of being the savior of desktop clients. Really strange to me that just about every phone integrates with cloud based calendars, tasks (some trouble, admittedly), contacts as well as all the social networks, but email clients struggle so much with that. LinkedIn is essential for me as well. Postbox has done some really big things wrong for so long due to its limitations of using Lightning for calendaring (accepting invites in google calendar/ syncing google tasks) and has the slowest release cycle that you almost wonder if they’re actually working on anything. eM Client has a real opportunity here. LinkedIn is essential.

Vote for it!