Import business a flop!

I want to import all of my contacts, saved incoming and outgoing messages from Xfinity connect ( but this is not one of the choices listed under the “import from” selections. Is there a “quick and dirty” uncomplicated way to do this?

Hi, you can export files from Xfinity to desktop for example and then import them into eM client.

Xfinity should export them into compatible files so there should not be problem.


Hi Jan.
Really appreciate your response - absolutely helpful!!!
I didn’t export to my desktop, as you suggested, but you did cause me to realize that I must first export my Xfinity contact list into a useable (outlook.csv) folder , then import. Worked like a charm! Thanks! As another feather in your cap, you have the distinct honor of being the very first person who’s ever responded to any of my numerous online forum help requests in the 11+ years that I’ve been using the internet. I was under the impression that they were a big, black hole where you dumped questions that you otherwise didn’t know where to put… guess I’ll have to re-think that. Again, thanks a lot.

Thank you very much for your feedback and support :slight_smile: