Implement Simple PROJECT MANAGEMENT In eM Client

eM Client is fantastic for e-mail, calendar and contacts. What would make this an absolute Outlook killer is the implementation of simple project or matter management.

Specifically, I am suggesting a very basic function to create projects or matters and allow me, the user, to associate contacts, calendar events, tasks and e-mails with the project. To go a step further, it would be wonderful for me, the user, to create templates (i.e. series) of tasks for recurring project types, and templates of contact types for recurring project types.

There is a program out there that does this–Chaos Intellect–but it is clunky, slow and outdated. Everything in eM Client beats Chaos hands down, but the project management piece is missing.

I know that for me, as an attorney, it would merge several applications and completely eliminate any need for practice management software, including Outlook. Please make it happen!