Implement "Instant Search" for Contacts, Email and Calendar.

As eM-Client functions right now, we are required to type in our search term and then press “Enter”. Searching should be in real-time and we shouldn’t have to press enter in order to initiate the search. Like this:…

Hi, unfortunately this feature is not planned, it’s implementation would take resources we need to spend on fixing bugs and adding features requested by more users.


now when you have new db core, it would be nice to implement instant search.

//I am new user and I’m impressed of eM client, recommended to all my friends.

Hello Samuel,
I have changed this topic status from Not planned to be Under consideration so our developers can reconsider this option.


Hi Olivia,
thanks for comment, windows live mail in Win7 has it, we just used to use it. 
It has an added value, you can think what to search in progress of search.
Having index and suggestion like Google would be luxury.
regards, Samuel