Implement "Edit as New" - not "Forward as Original"

I know this has been requested in the past. I’m asking again.

“Forward as Original” does not accomplish the goal - because the “To” portion of the message is empty. Keeping “Forward as Original” has a benefit for those who use it as designed. But it would really really really be nice to have “Edit as New” to duplicate the well-used and well-liked feature of Thunderbird.

This should be a very simple feature to implement so I don’t know why it’s been resisted over the years.

Well, Forward as Original means you want to use the message you received, but as a new message you are composing. So the recipients will be removed.

In version 9 we also have Resend, which will keep all the recipients.

I’m glad the feature was implemented. I believe the name is misleading - “Resend” to me implies the message is going to be immediately re-sent without allowing editing. Hence the original request for “Edit as New”. But knowing that “Resend” provides the desired function is helpful.

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