Implement an API for third-party extensibility

One thing I like about many other e-mail clients, including web-based Gmail, is third-party add-ons that boost my capabilities.

From what I can tell, there aren’t that many “add-ons” that really are useful to me in eM Client. Having the ability to develop extensions would be really nice.

Such extensions could be custom widgets, mail enhancements, and so forth.

Obviously you’d want it to be fairly locked down to prevent abuse. You could always implement some sort of trusted developer system that isn’t too hard to get approved for (I’m an independent developer, so I can’t afford the hassles that many have).

Yes, you are right this ability would be appreciated and we plan it to be implemented to one of the future versions.

Thanks. As a developer, I look forward to the ability to develop helpful extensions.

Is there any news on this idea? Is it a planned feature?

Hi, we’re currently not considering to release an API for third party extension development, maybe in the future.

Thank you for understanding,

Is there any update on this topic? It sounds promising, obviously there have been no implementations so far, right?

The OP is more than five years old you know, and I would like to enhance emClient myself.