iMIP Error (strange timezone error)

I received a strange calendar invite. When I click on it the following message is displayed:

"The following problem occurred when processing an iMIP message: The calendar doesn’t contain a timezone ‘(UTC+01:00) Budapest, Belgrád, Ljubjana, Pozsony, Prga’ referenced from its components."

The name of the timezone is written in Hungarian (actually Bratislava is Pozsony in Hungarian). This is all sad because I can’t accept this calendar invite this way.

Any way I could get help with this error?

Hi Zoltan,
was this just a strange invite or does this error happen to you more often? Does the invite work if you look at it through webmail?
Could you replicate the issue and then go to the Tools > Operations > Log tab and copy its contents here?
Which version of eM Client are you running? (Help > About)

Best regards,


This happens all the time with a few specific senders. I guess eM Client just can’t understand something in it. The same message is displayed correctly in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. (We don’t have webmail, can’t check that.)

There doesn’t seem to be anything appearing in the Log or the Errors tab when I click on such an invite.

My eM Client is the latest one as far as I know, 6.0.23421.0.

I saved such an invite in .eml format (including the headers and the text), can send you if you want to have a look at it (though don’t want to copy-paste it to the public internet).


Please send the .eml file to, thank you.

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