IMAP Syncing fails prematurely, time and again at exact same position.

I have just installed and activated the FREE edition but if this goes well we will be buying 2 PRO licenses. I was trialling the PRO version but thought the issues may be caused by having a demo account.

The issue I have is with my connection, via IMAP to our Mailenable Mail server.

Every time the sync finishes on one folder it fails with the error:

[email protected]: Connecting to [email protected] failed
[IMAP] An attempt to connect to [email protected] failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

I have tried using IMAP on our SSL port with identical results. It always fails after syncing the same directory. For the last directory it syncs too before failing it syncs up 400 emails. However there are 1180 emails in that folder on the server. So it is failing after retrieving 400.

Any ideas why it would do this?

Its worth noting that it works fine with Thunderbird which we are also trialling.



I have the same problem here with my work email. I’m testing the software to decide if I buy the pro version or not. But with this error, it’s very difficult to buy the pro version.

Ok we have found the issue - there was an email message in the folder that EM downloaded the header for but then failed and this is from the logs:

09:10:47.849|044| * 771 FETCH (UID 772 RFC822.SIZE 40270 FLAGS (\Seen) INTERNALDATE “20-Sep-2012 15:15:51 +0000” BODYSTRUCTURE ((“text” “plain” (“charset” “iso-8859-1”) NIL NIL “7bit” 698 29 NIL NIL NIL)(“application” "pdf charset=“ISO-8859-1"” (“charset” “ISO-8859-1” “name” “Delivery Details. Document Number 40712.pdf”) NIL NIL “base64” 37968 NIL (“attachment” (“filename” “Delivery Details. Document Number 40712.pdf”)) NIL) “mixed” (“boundary” “----=_NextPart_000_EC8B_01CF0B81.82267980”) NIL NIL) ENVELOPE (“Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:15:44 GMT” {55}
09:10:47.852|044| Your furniture delivery from Plasmacentre (Order 86326) (({8}
09:10:47.852|044| Exception:
09:10:47.852|044| Protocol violation
09:10:47.852|044| Line Your furniture delivery from Plasmacentre (Order 86326) (({8}
09:10:47.852|044| Greetings * OK IMAP4rev1 server ready at 01/23/14 20:10:51

I deleted the email from the server and then repaired the folder in EM Client. Then restarted EM Client and it has now synced fine.

This was also reported here:…

It would be good if EM Client could handle these exceptions and carry on with the sync. Ot even a warning “This email could not be synced - would you like to delete it?” Would be nice :slight_smile:



PS in Thunderbird the email header was shown but the message body was not readable.

Have I understood well that it works alright now?


Yes it does work now but it would be nice if EM Client had better error handling for these situations

Thank you for your feedback.


This issue has actually happened again since - was the same issue.

Are you able to reproduce it?