IMAP Synchronizing Subfolders Non-Stop

I am using version 7.2.35595.0 on a Windows 10 laptop with AVG as my virus protection.

The email account has been set up as IMAP. Emails send and receive without error - the settings are correct and working.

The problem is that eM Client is constantly ‘polling’, with the Operations tab showing “Synchronizing subfolders”. The spinning wheel appears next to the IMAP account as it attempts to synchronize subfolders. 

I have deleted and re-created the account twice.

Although there are no errors, this constant polling interferes with the program’s ability to receive emails as it is too busy ‘synchronizing’ to receive.

I have noticed that the folders I want are not the folders I have displayed. eM Client continues to create ‘Archive’, ‘Junk’ and ‘spam’. The only folder I want of this lot is ‘Junk’ and it should be renamed ‘Junk E-mail’. I have ticked and unticked Menu>Tools>Accounts>IMAP>Special Folders to no avail. I have renamed and saved those folders. The program continues to name the folders what it wants and recreates them if deleted.

I am a Pro customer and have had no response from Support. Anyone solved this?

It is possible that if there is a lot of data on the server, the initial sync will take some time especially if you have selected to download content for offline use. Removing the account and then adding it again will just begin the sync again. Maybe leave it running overnight.

Look in Menu > Tools > Operations and confirm there is no error. 

You said you are able to send and receive, but one thing you can try is to temporarily disable AVG and see what happens with the sync. If the anti-virus application is the cause, you will need to configure it to allow eM Client.

You did not say who the provider is. There may be something if the server is not fully supported.

The setting to change the special folder names should be left at automatically detect unless there is some issue. But if you want to change that, log in to your email account using the provider’s web interface. See what the junk folder is called and use that in eM Client settings. Case is important on some servers, so junk is not the same as Junk.

Your best option is still to wait for a reply from Support as this forum is supported by other users and not eM Client staff. Maybe change the priority of your ticket, or just wait a day and see if there is a response. They are usually quite good.

Thanks, Gary, for your comprehensive reply.

Data on the server isn’t an issue as there is little data there. I keep my accounts very lean. :slight_smile: Server is Crazy Domains (CD).

I have ticked “Automatically detect special folder names”. The names do not reflect those in CD nor the names next to the types eg. Instead of ‘Junk’, the folder is ‘Junk E-mail’ now. In CD, the folder is ‘Junk’.

When I deleted the ‘spam’ folder and closed the program, upon reopening, I had ‘Junk’ and ‘Junk E-mail’ folders. When the synchronising folders operation completed, I had ‘spam’ and ‘Junk E-mail’ and no ‘Junk’.

Definitely no errors.

Disabling AVG doesn’t affect performance.

Support has finally been in touch - tardy response based on my 5-year experience with them. No solution yet. I’ll update this post as we progress.

I guess we wait and see. Hopefully they will have experience with CD and can advise if there is some issue with detection of folders.

The junk folder in eM Client should always be Junk E-mail , and whatever the folder name on the server should be mapped to that.

For anyone using Crazy Domains as their web server, this information may prove useful.

To fix the constipated sync, I deleted my email address from the web server and recreated it from scratch. I did not change any of the web server default folders (ie. I left the subscribe/unsubscribe status of each folder as it was created).

Be aware - Crazy Domains creates 2 default folders for ‘Junk E-mail’ called ‘Junk’ and ‘spam’. Neither can be deleted. In my case, the ‘spam’ folder renamed itself as ‘Junk’ upon logging out of the web server. So I was left with two folders called ‘Junk’. Confusing! I could tell by the position in the folder tree which was the original ‘Junk’ and which was ‘Junk’/‘spam’.   

In eM Client, I re-created the email IMAP account, keeping “Automatically detect special folders names” enabled.

The default folders created in eM Client included ‘Junk E-mail’ and ‘spam’. 

eM Client mapped ‘Junk E-mail’ to ‘Junk’ and ‘spam’ to ‘Junk’/‘spam’.

In eM Client, emails that I right-click and choose to “Move to Junk” move to ‘Junk E-mail’.

I have not yet determined which emails go into the ‘spam’ folder.

The sync issues have stopped for now.

So this is working as it should be in eM Client. Why CD is creating the second junk folder is anybody’s guess.

Using the web interface, if you unsubscribe from the second folder, does it then disappear from eM Client?

Hmm, not working as I would expect in eM Client as folders to which I am unsubscribed on the web server still appear.

I have not subscribed to either of the Junk folders on the web server nor ‘Archive’ (which is another CD default folder) and all 3 of these folders appear in eM Client.

Neither ‘spam’ or ‘Archive’ are mapped using eM Client’s Special Folders.

eM Client allows me to delete ‘spam’ but not ‘Archive’. However, ‘spam’ is recreated in eM Client after deletion. Magic!

I do not understand why the folder subscription isn’t reflected in eM Client. However, it’s working and I’m not messing with it. :wink:

I think this is something you need to discuss with CD. If you unsubscribe from a folder, and the server is still presenting it to the client, then they need to look into it.

I have discussed this ad nauseam with them and have gotten nowhere. I am just accepting that their default folders appear with or without subscription. Thanks so much for your interest and help. 

You can always hide them in eM Client. I am not  fan of they way it does that, as it puts all the hidden folders in a sub-folder called More , but at least it works.

Just right-click on the folder and choose Hide.