IMAP sync problem (maybe Avast?)

Im having the following errors with my gmail and hotmail (outlook?) accounts…

***** Synchronizing subfolders
[IMAP] For folder *****

***** Synchronizing subfolders
 [IMAP] For folder *****

…that just sit there and never finish.  

This started last week.  A few weeks ago i upgraded from win7 to win10.  It was a fresh install of both windows and emClient.  Last night i updated to the latest emClient, but the problem persists today.

If i try to open an email while the sync endlessly tries to complete, the mail window opens, but those 5 dots just keep flying across the top of the window, and it never displays.

I thought perhaps Avast was somehow blocking things.  I tried disabling, and it seemed to resolve the issue, however its sitting there trying to sync right now, Avast shields are off, and nothing is happening.

Iv been running emC and Avast side by side for years, and never had this issue.  Not sure if this is an emC issue, or an Avast issue (if its avast at all).

Any ideas what settings i need to adjust to get my mail coming in properly?


no help on this at all?   its pretty annoying to have to restart emC every 30min just so i can check my mail.

I would also disable your firewall and see if this fixes the problem.  If yes, you can add an exception.

Thanks Jay.  emC was already in the list of programs allowed thru.  I added a manual in and outbound exception to be sure, but I dont think this is the problem.  as i said above, i have to restart emC several times a day.  When i restart it, everything syncs fine, and then after a while, it decides to hang on gmail.

i got the hotmail account working.  im not sure how.  iv fiddled with so many settings im not sure which one did it, but its been ok for a few days.  its just gmail that hangs now.