IMAP Sync Issues - Emails read in Outlook 2013 or on iPhone are not showing as read in eM Client

I am using IMAP to connect to my Bluehost email. I have this same account setup on eM Client version 6.0.20310.0, Outlook 2013 and my iPhone using IMAP. If I read an email on my iphone, my iphone and Outlook 2013 show it as read; however, eM Client will not show it as read until Iclose eM Client and restart the program. If I read an email in eM Client, it shows up as read in Outlook 2013 and on my iphone. If I delete an email on my iphone or in Outlook 2013, it is also deleted from eM Client. Why is eM Client not registering that the email is read, and how is this fixed?

Hi, eM client has a bit longer period before the email is marked as read than other email client, I’m afraid this can’t be fixed, but I’m sure you don’t have to close your client in order to update this, it just takes a bit more time to synchronize this item, can you try pressing the “Send and receive” button maybe if the status of the message changes?

Thank you,