IMAP Sync error for sent items

Mails sent through my phone (android, k9) are NOT showing up in the sent folder of EM client.

I am using IMAP, so this should sync the sent items also.
IS there something I did not see?


Yes, IMAP should sync sent emails also. From my iPhone it works fine.
Anyway if possible try to send emails from another device or another computer and then check if emails are synchronized, because this is more likely caused by Android email client’s settings.

you can also check your email account settings on webmail interface if possible, there can be something (that affects IMAP) set wrong.

if this will not help then I will try different steps.


I am using the K) mail client

What kind of settings would it be that might prevent this?
The mails are coming through to the person I am sending them to, so the mail client itself works. I also see the sent mail in the K9 client on my android.

To me it rather looks like EM Client does not sync the sent mail folder. I


then please try sending your mail from another device and/or another email client. eM Client does not have option to prevent synchronizing sent messages.

also please tell me your email account provider (google, hotmail/ etc…)