IMAP setup-- searching for old messages on my computer

When I open eMClient about 3 days of messages are displayed in my InBox. There’s a Load More button at the bottom.

Problem: If I search for a message (by Sender address, say) that may be days or weeks old, the message will not be found. It’s cumbersome to keep “Load[ing] More” in hopes that the message will be in that batch to Search.

Is there a way to Search all messages on the server from eMClient? What I usually resort to is going to the Server (aol) and searching from there.

Well, you have chosen to have only the last three days of messages on your device, so that is what will be searched.

If you don’t want to remove the restriction on the message time sync period, there is a server search option when you click the down arrow in the search box. You can tick that and try again, but I do not believe that the Yahoo! servers supported this option in the past. Try it though, as maybe they do support it now.

Thanks for pointing out the server search option accessible from the Search drop-down box. You’re correct-- it doesn’t appear to be supported from my server.

I am so glad you mentioned the time synch period-- wasn’t aware that I have a restriction on my messages enabled. Indeed, Menu > Accounts > IMAP tab > Synch Options. I have changed it to a longer period.

That’s it for now. Thanks for the help!