imap setting to delete all without 8000 last emails + filtering whitch account is in main folder

Hi, I have reinstaled computer and I would like to buy new email client ( becouse in Thunderbird is not good searching function ). I testing Em client and this is super. I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible setings imap account to delete in server all message for exapmpe older than 1 year ago, or delete all without 8000 last emails ? ( We have quota 10 000 emails on servers and we need usually cleaning it )

  2. I have 10 emails account with 2 private, is it possible filtering whitch account is in smart folder all delivered “in Czech languague is Chytrá složka - Vše doručené” ? I would like to have in this folder for example only 8 accounts.


Hi Luděk

  1. One function in eM Client that is specifically designed for this situation is Automatic Archiving. It will remove messages from the server that are older than a specific age, and store them locally on your computer thus feeing up the server. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving.

  2. You can’t do it with a Smart Folder, but you can create a Search Folder that only shows the Inboxes of certain accounts. Right-click on a smart folder and choose New Search Folder.

You will find more on Search Folders and Automatic Archiving in the Help pages. (F1)