IMAP sending wrong credentials

For some reason I cannot download messages anymore with IMAP. I have a third party e-mail provider who uses IMAP in address My username should be when I login to that provider.

But it seems that eM client is always trying to send the credentials in format

There are several different domains in that e-mail provider so I think it should send my company domain also in login.

Logging in to that e-mail account providers webmail works fine with my credentials.

Hello Heikki,
have you tried manually changing the credentials in Tools>Accounts window in the IMAP tab? Try adding the correct domain to the user name.


Yes, I have “Use these settings” checked and it has my full e-mail address in the Username field.

I used Diagnotics tab to find the problem and it did go through all the possible authentication methods and reported that the problem was fixed.

But its still not receiving any e-mails.

When I open the Diagnostics tab again second time, it reports that server is not responding. If I press Fix, it will then again find the correct server settings and report “Settings have been fixed”. They just don’t seem to be saved.