IMAP problems - help please!

I use Google products almost exclusively which is why eM Client is so great for me.

However for all of the brilliant auto syncing it does with my contacts, calendar and task lists (which pretty much no other programme does without add-ons), I am finding the actual email part of it a let down - 2 main issues:

  1. The IMAP connection regularly shows up with a connection error (which is surprising as I have a gmail account and it works on imap with every other programme I have used without fail.I have to run a diagnostics check almost every hour. It temporarily fixes it then the problem arises again.

  2. I have 2 other email addresses imported into gmail and in the imap list they show up as separate folders just like on webmail. However, if I have received an email to one of these addreses and delete it from the main inbox, it is still in the folder of the particular email address. Is this a gmail issue?



  1. Send me a screenshot of the error message directly at

  2. It is a Gmail issue, I cannot provide you any workaround at the moment.

Thanks - I will send the error message to you when it comes up again.

Regarding point 2, I realised that this couldn’t be changed unless I apply a filter to those 2 sub accounts to actually skip the inbox (which I have now done).

Does emclient automatically check all folders for new mail or just the main inbox?

eM Client checks all all folders.