IMAP: New folders are not automatically subscribed on web client

I am using em client 6.0.2… or at least are considering to do so at the moment. I am using IMAP with some dovecot server. So far everything works fine, but when I created a new folder it didn’t  appear in the web client I also use (Roundcube). When I took a closer look I found out that the folder is there but not subscribed - Outlook, Thunderbird and Opera Email didn’t have that issue. It’s not really an option to have to go to the web client and manually subscribe to each new folder I create… Any ideas?

Hi Arnold, if I understand this correctly, you’re able to create and use the folder in eM Client and other mail clients, it’s just not visible in the webmail application?
What version of eM Client exactly are you using (Help > About).

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It’s version 6.0.20648.0 

We use roundcube as webmail client (it’s our own webserver). The folder is created and it’s there in the settings - folder management of the webmail client, but it’s not automatically marked as “subscribed”, so I have to do this manually if I want to see it in the email overview.

But as I use folders quite a lot on one hand and I also use the webmail client abroad or on my tablet, it’s almost impossible to have to subscribe manually after creation of each folder.

We basically plan to use em Client as new email solution in our office as we really quite like it, but this and the subfolder issue (reported in another post here) are things we noticed so far as rather annoying, anything else are “here’s room for improvement” issues I will be glad to send after purchasing the pro license :-))

Ah yes - and it works with other clients, so it’s not a general issue, the mail server running is some standard Dovecot installation.

Unfortunately folder subscription is currently not supported in eM Client, maybe in future releases.

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OK, I understand that and honestly: Nobody does need IMAP subscription, it’s an outdated idea and was without any use in the first place. The only issue we have is this: When a folder is created in em Client it somehow tells the server to create this folder, too. Is it too hard to tell the server to handle it as “subscribed” in any way? Well, maybe in an upcoming version, let’s see. Thanks for quick reply.

Hi Arnold, this would create the need for the subscription handling feature to give us the option automatically subscribe the folder.
The problem is held within the list of subscribed folders, when creating a new folder, we are currently not able to add the folder on this list.

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