[IMAP] MailExceptions.ConnectionException: Cannot open folder "{0}"

For a long time now, everytime I move a message from my inbox to another folder, I get this error. Closing eMClient and starting again will sync and correct the problem. I cannot figure out what is happening. I use hMailserver as backend.

Can live with it, but seeing this fixed somewhere in time would be great :wink:

Problem solved, just recieved an update and changed some settings connecting to the server :smiley:

Hi Erik,
I’m glad the update fixed the issue for you, thank you for letting us know.


Hi, I am having the same problem as Erik and am using em client ver 6.0.26162.0. How did you fix this? Thank you!

Is that a recent version? I’m on 7 right now. Do you host your own server? That was part of my issue as well…

My email server is Google Apps gmail on IMAP. I upgraded to the most recent of the revision 6 series em client. Customer support did a remote session with me and confirmed my settings and version are correct.

Welcome to the world of IMAP… I would suggest a downgrade to a previous version in order to figure out that it is EmClient or upgrade to 7. Which has a free edition as well as 6. I forgot what 6 looks like, I was used to 7 in like one minute?