IMAP mailbox doesn't sync

I have an ongoing issue where my IMAP mailbox does not sychronize.  New mail messages do not appear in my inbox, even if I manually do a “Send and Receive All”.  If I exit and restart eM Client they appear as expected, and I usually get a few more new emails then have to again restart the program to get all of them.  I think this may be related to use of email clients on other platforms (Gmail on my phone; Thunderbird on another PC) but doesn’t IMAP support multiple clients accessing the same mailbox?  I never had this issue with other mail clients.

On what is perhaps a related note, often when I attempt to read an email that IS in my mailbox, I get a message saying that the message wasn’t downloaded and to click a link to do so.  When I do that, I get another message saying that it will be downloaded “the next time I am online”.  Annoying, since the PC *is* online the whole time … but see above.

Are you by chance using Charter as your email provider?  They have a non-standard implementation of IMAP that eM Client does not support.  eM Client relies on the server to push, but Charter does not push.

If you are not using Charter, I would delete the account and reenter the information (since it is IMAP, it will resync and you won’t loose anything.

Sounds like that might be it … RoadRunner, which was Time Warner but is now Spectrum … which is Charter.