I can not connect via IMAP Host SMTP Host to the Reply service

Hi Марк,

It looks like screenshots you have provided are not from eM Client,
in which application are you viewing these settings?

Best regards

This I showed that when I introduced emclient the IMAP Host SMTP Host settings into the application, the system did not confirm them to me.
Can you drop me IMAP Host SMTP settings emclient?

We can help you with setting up your mailbox in eM Client.
Regarding IMAP and SMTP configuration, this should be provided by your ESP.
Can you please attach screenshots of eM Client showing configuration of account?
You can view it by clicking on “Menu” button in top left corner, then Tools>Accounts.
Please make screenshot of both, IMAP and SMTP tabs so we can check it.

Can you just try to change your port for SMTP to 465 and security (SSL/TLS) to same as you have for IMAP?

Thanks, did. And where can I see IMAP Host SMTP Host?

Is it working now? IMAP and SMTP host is displayed in first row.

I wrote, but the test failed. Lights red, but should be green

Have you contacted your email service provider about this issue or are you able to use some other email accounts?
Because you may need different configuration if this one doesn’t work.