IMAP hangs when syncing

I find this happening at first start up most mornings and then during the day at, it appears, irregular intervals.
The only way it will sync again is to shut down and restart eM Client.
The program does not crash or freeze and my pop email accounts still sync fine. I have set port 993 as gmail sync port and check internet connection speed which appears fine.
I have checked the logs and there is nothing erroneous in there.
The “thinking” circle just keeps turning beside the account name.

Hi Grant, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check for the exact version number in Help > About? What mail service are you using with eM Client, is this a GoDaddy account that you’re having issues with?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
Version is 6.0.21129.0
The accounts are both standard gmail accounts, except for startup this morning it did not happen at all today.

Hi Grant, it might have been a temporary connection issue to your account, please make sure the issue still persists and if it does, please enable IMAP logging for the problematic account in Tools > Settings > Advanced and replicate the issue. After you do so, please disable the logging and let us know.

Thank you,

Paul, I am still having the IMAP issue, when I tried to log the files as requested with your help system I got an email to say I wasn’t eligible to log as I am still trialing the software.
Can you please download the files from here;
It was happening when I had em client set to start with windows, I turned that off and it appears to be working. This may be a timeout issue as everything else is starting up as well, if so why does it not affect the pop3 accounts they are normally worse for timeout issues.
Can you alter the timeout length anywhere if that is the issue.

Hi Grant, unfortunately it is not possible to alter the timeout length, it is set based on the server during your account setup and is not user editable.
However based on the logs it seems like the connection is automatically reconnected and you should have no issues while synchronizing the account, however the disconnection error may be shown, to hide such error from displaying please navigate to Tools > Settings > General and uncheck the option “Show window when an error occurs”.

Thank you,