Imap Folders

One of the issues I have with eM Client is that it displays all the folders in your Imap server! You can’t have it hide folders from within eM-Client.
It would be great if one could exclude specific folder from displaying directly from within the software itself.

9 months passed, new emClient released…still same problem!!! My God! Is anybody listening to users demands?

I certainly suggest that a imap folder subscription function is added like those found in Outlook and Thunderbird. Gmail accounts, for example, have many folders that most of us don’t want to be indexed in the desktop client.


Version 6 is released. Is folder subscription added?

No Alireza there is not.


? ? ?
A reply even if “This is not on the horizon” would be nice guys…
I started off a big fan 2 months ago. I hope stay one since I’m replacing Outlook in droves.

Hi, Hiding IMAP folder is already implemented, subscription is unfortunately not supported.


Good of you to reply Jan. Imap subscription is not one big a coding task and an option you should put a priority flag on.


John - Have to agree on a subscribe function needed! You guys are at a critical point on adoption of emclient as “THE” go to for Outlook replacement…what you do from here over the next version in going to decide. Not being negative here, just want to strongly state this, so you can share with your team!

well we implement features based on users interest in them, we have to care about requests of majority first. Same like it works outside of “IT world”.


Urgent need for imap subscribe/unsubscribe here in belgium too …

We have an urgent need for Imap subscribe/unsubscribe here in Belgium too.
Thank you.

It’s 2 years passed my request and as I see others need it too. For IMAP, folder subscription is the basic function! I wonder why such an important point is neglected by emclient team. Is this the same way you support/care paid users?
Well, I have many folders which some of them have huge number of messages that I don’t want emclient DOWNLOAD them. Hidden folder is just a trick not actual solution!
Let’s raise our voice…
People in Ritlabs ( Thebat email client ) do listen to their users’ request and keep adding requesting features from time to time!

I noticed this topic is flagged as “implemented”!! Is it? Hiding folders is what should be called implemented?!

Hi sorry, the requested feature is still under consideration, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thank you,

Is there a way to make a folder other than inbox sync periodically, same as inbox? I have rules setup to file certain incoming emails in specific folders, and using eM Client, I can’t tell when new emails arrive without manually selecting those folders to view the email list (which forces an update for the folder).