IMAP Folders Not Downloading

New user here. I really plan to buy the Pro plan if I can solve this problem.

Windows version 8.0.3385 (83a873c) trial

When I set up my main account to Zoho, only the Inbox and one other folder show up. None of the other dozen folders. And the one that does show up is the newest one and has no mail (never did). When setting folders to Show, only those two show up to allow settings. All the others are MIA.

I’ve uninstalled, cleaned registry and reinstalled about 6 times with no success.

In macOS, I have a Windows virtual machine. I installed the Windows client and same problem.

In macOS, the macOS client 8.0 works fine.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

More info.

I compose an email. Save it as Draft. The Drafts folder shows up with my new draft email. I right-click and verify that it is set to Show. I click on Drafts and after a few seconds, the drafts from Zoho are loaded. Great!

But, I then quit eM Client. Start eM Client. Drafts folder shows and then disappears (it was set to Show). Nowhere to be found.