IMAP folders created in EM Client not syncing to server


We’re currently experiencing problems with syncing folders to the mail-server via IMAP.

Whatever I change regarding the folder structure, it isn’t synced. I’ve created a test-folder in the root, a test-folder in sub-folders and even tried to move sub-folders from one folder to another. Somehow the changes are not applying “online”.

It works perfect in Thunderbird, which we used up until now.

This is actually a deal-breaker if it’s standard behaviour not to sync folders. Messages moved according to “rules” can not be seen anywhere else than on the computer that set up the folder and filtered the message.

Am I missing a setting of some kind? 

Thanks in advance.

Nicklas Andersen

Hello Nicklas,
what mail accounts does this happen with? Who is the mail provider?
Are there any error messages in Menu>Tools>Operations window when you refresh?

Hi Olivia,

I actually just tested it with my private Google Mail account and it seems to work just fine.

We’re using Wannafind (a danish hosting-provider). Are there limitations to specific providers? 

There are no error messages, unfortunately.

Nicklas Andersen