IMAP Folder syncing problems - Suggested workaround

I love eM Client and am now recommending it to my customers
for use with the reseller hosting service I offer for hosting their email accounts. This hosting is with Vidahost/ Paragon internet who are one of the biggest hosting companies in the UK. However, I found that when I tested syncing up accounts using IMAP, eM Client never synced with my hosting provider’s server folders for Sent, Deleted, Junk, or Drafts. In fact it was putting such items into the app’s Local folders - which means they would never be synced up with the user’s other devices or the webmail.

It would appear that, as my hosting provider has the mail folders configured on their mail server as sub-folders of the Inbox folder, eM Client just cannot figure out the correct path by itself. Unfortunately, a thorough search of your Help file and your forums did not help me find a solution.

HOWEVER, after considerable experimentation I have found a solution - which I’d like to share with other users in case it helps them overcome similar problems. I found I could resolve this problem by changing the default settings within eM Client for the IMAP folders. To do this go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. This will open the Accounts window.

Ensure that the correct account you want to modify is highlighted in the left pane.
Then, click on the tab named IMAP and scroll down to the Special Folders section.
Untick the box which says “Automatically detect special folder names” and then change the entries for each folder to the exact path as on the server. In my case I had to change the entries to as follows:

Sent :             Inbox.Sent
Drafts :          Inbox.Drafts
Trash :           Inbox.Deleted Items
Junk :            Inbox.Junk

After changing the settings to as above and clicking the “OK” button I find I immediately see error messages stating “Unable to create folder for….” but I found I could safely ignore these warnings. When I refreshed my mail it all synchronised correctly, and has continued to do so since without any error messages.

I hope this information will be useful to other users, and I also hope that eM Client’s developers will review this and consider adding similar guidance to the Help pages. The developers may also want to investigate why such settings cause the “Unable to create folder for….” error message to pop up on first attempt to sync each special folder, but this error does not recur on subsequent occasions.

Thanks for the info   

Hello Gareth,

Thank you for the post, it is very useful.


Also thanks for the post. I tried em Client 7 today and found out that with IMAP em client only synchronizes the inbox. As I have many many subfolders for different topics it seems to be impossible to get them synchronized as my server also needs the Inbox. precode. Is there a possibility to get all other subfolders synchronized? Because it SHOWS them but doesn’t synchronize them.

Have you tried entering the folder paths as I have described in my post above?

Yes and it worked for the 4 most common Folders, but I have many more folders beside those 4.

Thank you - I got in an endless loop of trying to sync, and em Client hung - this worked well !!