IMAP Folder Subscriptions - Error with periods in folder name

Pretty basic issue… I have many folders that use a period in them. eM Client simply does not show those folders. I’ve read that the IMAP subscription features are in the works, which are absolutely necessary. However creating a folder with period crashes the client and of course all of the folders I have stored on the server with periods in them do not show. Very hard to use the software when I can’t access my emails. Please fix! I’d love to buy 5 licenses for my employees but this major bug in testing the free client has put a halt on that. Otherwise you guys beat Thunderbird hands down, nothing else compares!

Just to add, eM Client also can’t distinguish when a folder has a slash ‘/’ sign. Instead of display a folder named “Subscription/Mailing List”, eM would recognise as Subscription folder and a sub-folder Mailing List.

Both behaviors with “.” and “/” or “” are fixed in the new version 3.5. But it sometimes depends also on the server behavior and implementation.