IMAP folder subscription

OK, never mind, I did get it to work, provided that every folder I specified was a “leaf” folder, and that I only used the base option you mention first. Neither the starts-with or regex worked for me, so I have a huge list of options, but it does work.

While this is fine for me, it does sort of beg the question - if it is really that easy, and a lot of people have asked for it, is there some reason this hasn’t been formalized as a simple selection on the folder?

I will also note that some people wanted to see the folder and just not have it check for new, which this does not do - this truly hides the folder from the folder list completely. I personally don’t care about that, because if I really need to search old messages I’ll do it from webmail.

Regardless, thanks for the tip. The syncing likely would have been slow enough without being able to do this that I would have given up and gone back to Outlook, which has far more flexible sync options, but which has other issues, and is a real pig.