IMAP Failure Every ~5 Minutes

I have recently moved to a new apartment and the internet connection is now wireless. Since I have begun using the wireless connection I am constantly getting the following error message:

“[IMAP] An attemnt to connect to failed. This could be caused…”

I get this error message about every 5 minutes. Whenever I get the message I often check my internet connection by using a web browser (such as Chrome) to see if I am online and I can always get online.

Would you happen to know why I always get this message even though I am still online? Also, is there a way to stop this popup from appearing every time the error occurs?

This can be caused by WiFi going into sleep mode, then eM Client will not be able to check status of IMAP folders and will show this error message.

If you can send and receive emails without problem then you can turn off showing error messages in Tools - Settings - General - General