IMAP error

Hi, I’ve been trying EMclient as an alternative for MS Outlook (since about a week), but since a couple of days, and without prior change of settings my IMAP connection gets lost and I don’t receive new mails. I have the impression I’m only receiving new mails if I start Outlook and it correctly connects to IMAP. Diagnose says connection is OK

Are you getting any error messages? Menu > Tools > Operations. Then look in the Error tab.

Hi Gary, yes, I am getting error messages, but I can’t make anything out of it. It seems that there’s an issue with the INBOX folder, because all mails are supposed to go to the INBOX folder, but this doesn’t exist in EMclient. But when I go to my webmail all the mails are in there.

this is the error message:
16:36:32    bij MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.ThrowIfConnectionBroken(BasicResponse response)
16:36:32    bij MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.FetchNewMessages(ConnectionContext context, String selectPath, UInt32 idLow, UInt32 idHigh, String idList, Boolean useUid, UInt32 messageCountEstimate, Boolean newestFirst, Boolean breakOnNewMessages)
16:36:32    bij MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.ExecuteInternal(WorkerStatus status)
16:36:32    bij MailClient.Protocols.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
16:36:32    bij MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

Can you make anything out of it?

thx in advance, Kurt

You could remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. See if that adds the Inbox.

Hi Gery, I deleted an added it again, I received about 20 mailsand then it stopped again with the same error. It’s like there are too many emails?? Is that possible?

It seems that I am receiving new mails again, but EMClient still shows the error + It cannot download mails from Tuesday + Wednesday. New mails seem ok for the moment.

Which email provider are you using?

I believe it’s combell

I was going to suggest checking your settings, but if you are receiving some emails then that is not the problem.

You can try right-click on the Inbox and choose Properties > Repair. It may take some time to re-sync the Inbox if there are many emails. If it stops syncing look in the log for any errors.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. I executed the repair. It seems that I see the most recent mails now (must do a detailed check), but older mails in my INBOX folder do not appear. Error message stays the same, so the holy Grale must be in there somewhere… Greetings, an exhausted (maybe not so long anymore) EMclient user.

You might try deleting the account, reenter it and allow IMAP to resync.  This often will cure problems.