imap error

I am having some hard time attempting to sync my gmail account as IMAP errors keep occurring. I’m able to send e-mails, the sync has been concluded for calendars and contacts, but the only problem is that no message is being received in my Inbox.
Everytime an sync attempt is made, the same imap error occurs. >>> “[IMAP] An attempt to connect to COMPANY failed. This could be a temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.”

What Operating System are you using?  Are you using any firewall or internet security software that examines inbound email for threats?


nothing really extraordinary, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, no firewalls, but an active proxy.

additionally… Despite being an google account, I have my own domain and this not login.

This is a little outside my experience, however, you might want to give the following a read:!topic/apps/l8vU3OgLmww


Were you ever able to synch your email form these accounts?

no, not really… First time trying with this account.

Did you try manually configuring the account?

Hi Raphael, can you please make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing? What version of eM client are you currently using?
When the error occurs, can you please switch to the “Log” tab in the Operations window and copy the content of the log and post it here in the forum?

Thank you,