IMAP eM CLIENT Not receiving mail

Hello everyone. My first post/question.
I am new here and created an account a few days ago as IMAP. All the mail from my Outlook client and account were pulled in just fine.
However, nothing since, neither on it’s own or with a refresh.
I found this article " Problems with accounts XOAUTH login using IMAP in eM Client 8.2".

These are the instructions provided:
Manual IMAP setup (Other):

Go to Menu > Accounts.
Click the '+Add account' button.
In the New Account window select Mail > Other.
Insert your Microsoft account address
Select IMAP.
Insert these settings for Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
Finish the rest of the setup
Delete or disable your previous IMAP setup

I followed the instructions and emclient takes no email. I also notice that the port #s were generated as 143(IMAP) and 25(SMTP). Might those be the problem? If yes, please tell me what the IMAP/SMTP port numbers should be. If not, then how can I fix this thing?
Thanks, LarryA

Have you tried the Outlook web site where I believe you will find the required settings?

Sunriseal. From what I can find on MS the numbers are 993 and 587, see:POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for

These numbers do not help. I wonder what others here have for IMAP port numbers. My guess is that we would all have the same.

So Smtp uses Port 587
Imap Port depends on the server… 993 or 995

If neither combo works, completely disable any anti-virus. firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again.


Problems with accounts XOAUTH login using IMAP in eM Client 8.2".

The above Microsoft issue was resolved and you can now again use the automatic mail setup wizard which should put in the below settings for Outlook. I use these and works fine.

If the below settings don’t work, does sound like “some optionally installed program” issue interferring or blocking eM Client as @sunriseal advised above.

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Hi to both of you. Based upon your suggestions I decided to bite the bullet and start from the very beginning, i.e.,

  1. delete my account
  2. uninstall emclient
  3. reinstall emclient
  4. migrate all Outlook 2010 client mail. This created 1 Inbox and all of its subfolders under Local Folders.
  5. configure my emClient account
  6. get the email. This created another Inbox under the Outlook account. I assume that this cannot be avoided. :unamused:
  7. I then began the process of configuring the new client.
  8. The get mail process now works just fine.
    Further questions will come in other topics.
    Thank you both.
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Just realized I forgot this. The port numbers generated were 993 and 587.

If the account is setup as IMAP, then the application will display a cached version of what is on the server, much like webmail. So this Inbox is what is on the server.

The folders you imported to Local Folders in step 4, are not synced with a server. These are a completely different set of folders that exist only on your computer.

Would changing to POP3 allow the Local Folders to be the only folders? Will emC bring O2010 rules across? I have about 135 folders copied over from O2010 so I’d like the new software to have the same folder structure as O2010.

POP3, by default, uses a separate set of folders for each account, but in the very last window of the setup, you can choose to use Local Folders. That way each account you specify this for during the setup, will share the same Inbox, Sent etc. You can’t choose this afterwards, so needs to be done during the account setup.

Rules or filters are not imported from other applications. Sorry.