IMAP Dropping Connection

I can’t believe that your response to a four-year-old problem that affects tons of your users is to tell everyone it’s their fault and shut down the thread:…

I tried to be patient and understanding but that’s the last straw. Not only will I never purchase this product again, I will actively review it on other sites and make sure other people know how you conduct business.


I understand you and your choice, I also understand why people were angry in that post, but absolute majority of our users never experienced this problem or they understand that not everything can be solved and they understand our explanation what is causing problems and how to prevent them.

I have closed that topic with my reply for other users to be preserved without arguing and with my last reply visible to all who seek help with this issue.

in no chance tons of users has problem with this as it is case only with low quality internet connection or/and bad server setting.

We do not say that this is users fault but we also can’t blame everything on us especially when we are not responsible for it.

so please be understanding of this and how I have solved it, also please understand from hundred thousands users only tens has received this issue (judged by forum and paid support) that is why we can’t rework our system as we know that it works.

with hope of understanding and best regards

John, I’m sorry but that’s a bunch of b.s. Every other email client works flawlessly for me and the other users. Yours is the ONLY ONE with this problem. Your lame excuses about my internet connection or server settings are just that – excuses. You have paying customers complaining for a period of years about an issue and your only response is to tell them that the problem is their fault. That’s sh*tty customer service and frankly offensive. You took my money, you should provide a product that works as advertised.

I’m done wasting time communicating with you guys. I’ve switched over to other – working – products. I’m sure that’s what most other people have done, they just haven’t bothered to post here about it.