IMAP connections frequently stop working.

IMAP connections frequently stop working. This is not happening in any of my other mail clients I use (Thunderbird & Essential PIM).

I have several accounts connecting to different types of IMAP servers. Some are postfix running on Linux and others are hMailserver on Windows.

Closing the program and restarting typically fixes the problem. I’m very excited about the possibility of this program and hope there is a solution for this.


Well sadly I had to uninstall the program. As the day progressed, it started crashing to the point that each time you opened it, it would crash and close.

This product looks promising, but I’m afraid it is not ready for prime time IMHO.

I will keep an eye on it.


I have this problem too, in general I love emclient, I have several mail accounts and it manages with most connections but the imap connection to a Microsoft exchange account is very flaky. It will run for several days without issue and suddenly stop (whilst other accounts keep running). I have had the sys admin run diagnostics on the server and network and no other problems have been found. It’s a shame because it is a good client otherwise!

we are sorry to hear that and we are not sure what can cause these problems. Therefore we would appreciate if you can do detailed IMAP logs for us. You can do it by following the instruction:

  1. Create directory “C:\Temp”
  2. Download the file from… and extract it into eM Client directory (“C:\Program Files\eM Client” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client” depending on your system)
  3. Run eM Client and try to reproduce the issue. It will create the log file in C:\Temp\MailClientTrace.log .

Please send us the log file to . All your privacy will be of course preserved.


I have similar problem with my University Internet. It works fine whereebver I go even with the university eduroam wifi. But it just crashes everytime I log on thru University Internet, We have to use ethernet cables in the Halls as we do not have eduroam or University wifi access in the halls…


we are very interested in eM Client too, because it seems to be the only integrated solution supporting IMAP+CalDAV+CardDAV, which we would like to use.
But unfortunately the IMAP over SSL implementation has the same problem here; it frequently stops working. Thunderbird has no such problems. No encryption works quite good, but is not an option as it seems to me that the passwords are sent as plain text to the server (is that right?).
We only have connection to the internet over a satellite (up- and downstream), which has a very high latency (~0.7 seconds), and might cause these problems.
I will try to produce a logfile with the above application settings, or do you have any newer suggestions?

Regards, David Frese

first please update to the most recent version (… or through application, particularly if you have 3.5.11809 version, where IMAP logs weren’t working). If problem persists we would appreciate if you send us logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check IMAP. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to your problem) using the same logging settings window.


I really want to buy eM, but currently testing with 2 IMAP account (one Gmail and one normal) , I got a lot of issue “connecting failed” , sometimes it works , sometimes not.

Windows Mail didn’t have any issues with the same accounts.

Please download the tool available from:… and wait until the error message appears. Then send me the log which it creates directly at Thank you.

very disappointed with this. Despite buying emclient for my desktop and laptop this problem has forced me to abandon it. I’ve gone to opera for email and amusing my mobile calendars syncing with google calendar which all works flawlessly. emclient is just not good enough for what I need.