[IMAP]Cannot open folder "/Trash". (NO Serious error while processing SELECT (CassdbDatabaseError (134/6)))

For the last four days I have been receiving this message on multiple folders on two different accounts. My mother has also started receiving them on a different computer. I have not consciously done any upgrades or changes to my PC or two emClient.

Another problem is that I am constantly getting old mail notifications every time I open em Client.

Since I started receiving these message, I then upgraded to version 8.0.3283 (from an 8.0.2xxx version)
There has been no obvious change in behaviour.

Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere that explains this error message, or other reports of it

Are there any suggestions

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Same! And a whole host of other things dodgy happening as well. :pensive:

CassdbDatabaseError (134/6) refers to an error that’s coming from your email server. Who provides your email services (gmail, outlook, etc)? I would try asking them.

Thanks @Hope777. Both my mother and I use the Telstra Bigpond provider. There are a lot of complaints about email issues recently against them and they have a vague notice about an email upgrade in progress on their website. It is hard to tell because they are such a big provider and probably always have complaints there. @TeriJ are you in Australia and happen to use BigPond?

Yes, I am. It’s just strange that it’s coincided with my update of eM Client. I had the older version for over 2 years and never had any of these problems at all, even when Bigpond had issues.

I have had a chat session with Telstra. They have confirmed they have had problems with email for the last few days but will not provide any specifics. They cannot give me an expected resolution time but are confident it is the cause of the problems. They say they will SMS me when the problem is solved