IMAP authentication

I have a client who has been using eMClient for some while but suddenly was unable to receive emails on one IMAP account. The account in question uses a non-encrypted connection (port 143) and the IMAP login gets immediately rejected. The same username/password combination used with Windows 10 Mail and Outlook 2010 work perfectly.

I tried deleting the account from eMClient and re-adding it to no avail - the IMAP login is rejected.

I’ve had to leave the client using Outlook 2010 until I can get the eMClient issue resolved.

The installation was running eMClient v7 but updating to the latest v8 makes no difference.

IMAP problems seem to be rife. I’ve had mine since V8 was introduced and was invited to upgrade, which has been a disaster for me. I’m now getting them sporadically on V7, in the form of three dots against my in-box folder, where the new mail is sitting on my webmail inbox, but not coming over. If I run diagnostics both IMAP and SMTP say ‘ok’, and the mail eventually comes through, although sometimes it takes hours. I’ve still no idea whether this is a eM C problem, or within my ESP.

Good luck with your issue.

have you tried changing the Security policy and prto number manually, to see of any of the other options perhaps work better?
Does the provider of this IMAP server perhaps require any more secure login option (for example App Password, oAuth, etc.)?

If neither tip helps, please enable IMAP logging for the affected account, restart eM Client and then try to run the Diagnostics in the Menu>Accounts section.
Send the created logs to

Olivia, thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately this particular provider ( only uses simple username/password authentication and port 143 on it’s IMAP server (and NO authentication on it’s SMTP port 25 server).

I’m not on-site now but I’ll try to re-create the problem on my own machine and send you the logs later.