imap attempt to connect failed

Error message: [IMAP] An attempt to connect to [email protected] failed.
This happens once a day, but my emails are showing up
Verizon/AOL recently sent a message for me to change/set the imap port settings, which I did.

If it was working fine on the old settings, why not revert to those?

I have similar problem. EM client have failed to connect via imap4, but other 3 different e-mail client works fine. All 4 programs have the same imap4 setting. Em client stopped receiving mails 3 days ago. I read older thread about this issue on your forum. It looks like a bug in your program.

Please try disabling your antivirus software completely, and try again.

I don ́t understand this. I have two mails connected to em client, but only one doesn ́t work. I ́m using kaspersky AV. The em client is set in exceptions and as a trusted program manualy in kaspersky. When I paused protection it works! So it is blocked by antivirus. I don ́t understand what only one email account have this problem.

If the two email accounts have different settings, it may be that it is the port that is blocked and not the application.

This page describes how to enable ports in Kaspersky may help.

Thank you! I added port 993 for IMAP4 SSL and it is working!

Same thing happened to me: Both Gmail and work fine, but I get that message whenever I open the program in the morning. I just tried allowing the ports for both in Windows Defender… we’ll see if that works.