imap and local folders

I am switching mail gsuite and thinking of switching to IMAP from pop3. Can you help me with the following questions: 

  1. Currently I have a lot of local folders in eM. Will they be synched (created) in gmail when switching to IMAP?
  2. If No to 1, then what happens when I receive a new email and I put it to a local folder (that is not in gmail)? What will happen to that email when they are supposed to be synched?
  3. Is there a better way to use folders if I want to synch between gmail and eM?

I have spoken to gsuite support and they referred to you and could not assist me. 

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before you do any switching make sure you export your contacts and email to a .csv file for contacts and .emf file for the emails, than setup your new account as an IMAP account and than you can copy and move the the files and folders to the new account or you can import them to the new account.
Question #1. if you move them to the new account I believe they will sync.
Question #2. if you set your new account as the default account all the new emails will come to that account
                           if you setup the account right and create new folder or move emails to  new folders they                                         should sync. if they are included in the sync. program.
Question #3. if you choose sync of your account and your email is a gmail account, I believe that all of your                               emails will sync