IMAP account will not work

I am trying to set up EMClient to replace Outlook 2010 as it has stopped working now its too old.

I have all the details right for the IMAP account but it just won’t connect to the server.
I don’t know what to try next.

I am new to eM Client, but experienced a similar difficulty coming from another email client. The following worked for me.

  1. I went to Menu > Accounts where I selected the account in question.
  2. I went to the Diagnostics tab and clicked on the Diagnose button.
  3. The program offered the opportunity to use its Fix button after it diagnosed the problem.


The Fix button has not worked for me :frowning:

Go to Menu > Accounts and the IMAP tab for this account.

What is the host, port and security policy?

Hi chaps,
I got the same problem, IMAP does not work on Yahoo. I’ll follow up this thread.

The issue was not EMCilent, the same thing that stopped Outlook prevented EM from working as well/
I was told Outlook stopped working because it was too old to connect securely which is not the case and the issue was on my server.