Images too large

Everytime we recieve an email from a customer with images, the image is so huge it requires lots of scrolling.  Is thee a way to force eM to downsize displayed images?

In the message pane (the preview area) the image should automatically be reduced to fit.

But that also depends on the html of the message. I have seen some that manage to circumvent that. Not much you can do except zoom out (right-click > Zoom) but then that zoom setting will remain for other messages, unless you reset it.

Is this only from a specific sender?

No, it’s from different customers.

I ran some tests this morning and all emails sent from Thunderbird with large embedded images needed to be scrolled in eM Client. Thunderbird does auto-zoom large images in received messages, maybe that was what I was thinking in my comment above. Sorry.

But emails with linked images seem to resize, but that may have to do with the HTML.